Aims and scope

The aim of the journal Mechanics & Industry is to act as an interface between research and industry by coordinating and disseminating the results of scientific and technical research in the field of mechanics in close relation to industrial applications. Co-authors and even industrial authors are therefore expected. Of course theoretical and numerical developments are welcome but must be applied to technological systems or validated with proofs of concept as well as prototypes.

The scope of the journal is related to fluid and solid mechanics, mechanical engineering, heat and mass transfer, mechanics of metallic/polymer/composite/fiber materials, numerical and experimental techniques applied to statics and dynamics of structures, machines, mechanisms. The couplings with different fields of physics are welcome such as mechatronics, smart material/structures/systems/manufacturing, biomechanics, vibro-acoustics, aero-acoustics, electro-mechanical Systems, innovative manufacturing, tribology, turbomachinery, etc.

Are excluded of the Mechanics & Industry scope: the Earth and Universe Sciences, industrial management, civil engineering, solar energy, thermal energy, medical imaging, non-destructive testing, CAD-CAM-productivity-manufacturing, pure metallurgy, rock mechanics, pure analytical mechanics, to name just a few.