Mechanics & Industry - Forthcoming

  • Analyzing the Influence of Lifter Design and Ball Mill Speed on Grinding Performance, Particle Behavior and Contact Forces
    Ali Safa and Sahraoui Aissat
    Accepted: 12/09/2023
  • Experimental quantification of heat haze errors in stereo-DIC displacements
    Aniket Ghosh Dastidar, Abderrahmane Ayadi and Marie-France Lacrampe
    Accepted: 05/09/2023
  • Numerical investigation of thermal buckling and post-buckling behavior of an EN AW 6016-T4 car roof assembled in a steel Body-in-White
    Leandro M. da Silva, Christophe Cellard, Edouard Geslain, Laurent Sohier, Olivier Ponte-Felgueiras and Romain Créac’hcadec
    Accepted: 28/08/2023
  • Multi-objective shape optimization of developable Bézier-like surfaces using non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm
    Jing Lu, XiaoBo Su, Jingyu Zhong and Gang Hu
    Accepted: 18/08/2023