Mechanics & Industry - Forthcoming

  • Application of Improved Radar Chart in the Health Evaluation Model of Hydraulic Gate
    Accepted: 17/05/2022
  • Tolerance analysis of involute spur gear from the perspective of design
    Hua Chen and Xin Li
    Accepted: 09/05/2022
  • Improvement of arc burn defect of initial contact loss of electric hot incremental sheet forming
    Zhengfang Lia, Bin Wu, Yanping Sun, Mingxiu Shen, Zhengyuan Gao, Zhiguo An and Shihong Lu
    Accepted: 28/04/2022
  • Research on Custom-Tailored Swimming Goggles Applied to the Internet
    Xiaobo Bai, Kai Wu, Song Qin, Yi Wang and Qian Yang
    Accepted: 24/04/2022
  • Evolution of material removal in the magnetorheological polishing of Ti6Al4V by laser power bed fusion
    Zhongyu Bao, Bingsan Chen, She Na, Yongchao XU and Shangchao Hung
    Accepted: 19/04/2022
  • An efficient dynamics model of spur gear drive with curved path of contact in mixed elastohydrodynamic lubrication
    Lei Liu and Jiale Ni
    Accepted: 23/03/2022
  • Experimental Study on Influence of Ultrasonic Vibration on Forming Limit
    Changli Zha and Shenlong Zha
    Accepted: 15/03/2022
  • Simulation on the effect of cylinder liner and piston ring surface roughness on friction performance
    Na Liu, Chengnuo Wang, Qun Xia, Yuanyuan Gao and Peng Liu
    Accepted: 04/03/2022
  • Online monitoring of oil wear debris image based on CNN
    Han Wang, Hongfu Zuo, Zhenzhen Liu, Di Zhou, Hongsheng Yan, Michael Pecht and Xin Zhao
    Accepted: 22/02/2022