Mechanics & Industry - Forthcoming

  • Load analysis and deformation research of the flexible bearing based on a three-force ring superposition method
    Yang Yu, En Zhu, Xiaoyang Chen and Yang Wang
    Accepted: 05/04/2021
  • Real contact ratio and tooth bending stress calculation for plastic/plastic and plastic/steel spur gears
    Toni Jabbour, Ghazi Asmar, Mohamad Abdulwahab and Jose Nasr
    Accepted: 29/03/2021
  • Wear assessment model for cylinder liner of internal combustion engine under fuzzy uncertainty
    Jianxiong Kang, Yanjun Lu*, Hongbo Luo, Jie Li, Yutao Hou and Yongfang Zhang
    Accepted: 29/03/2021
  • A research on aerodynamic characteristics of non-pneumatic tire
    Hong Li, Yilun Xu, Chenlong Si and Yong Yang
    Accepted: 20/03/2021
  • Influence of rotational speed and torque on meshing efficiency of double helical gear transmission system
    Cheng WANG
    Accepted: 15/03/2021
  • Dual-rotor misalignment fault quantitative identification based on DBN and improved D-S evidence theory
    Dalian Yang, Fanyu Zhang, Jing-Jing Mia, Hongxian Zhang, Renjie Li and Jie Tao
    Accepted: 05/03/2021
  • Mechanics & Industry publishes all articles in Open Access from January 2021
    Régis Dufour, Eric Arquis and Ariana Fuga
    Accepted: 01/03/2021
  • Analysis of Longitudinal Vibration Acceleration Based on Continuous Time-Varying Model of High-Speed Elevator Lifting System with Random Parameters
    Qing Zhang, Tao Hou, Hao Jing and Ruijun Zhang
    Accepted: 01/03/2021
  • Dynamics modeling and analysis of feed drive system for a frame saw machine considering time-varying load
    De Peng Sun and Jin Sheng Zhang
    Accepted: 23/02/2021
  • Experimental and numerical investigation of geometric effect on cavitation flow through orifice
    Mohammad Reza Davoudi and Miralam Mahdi
    Accepted: 20/02/2021
  • Dynamics of flow in a branching channel
    Václav Uruba, Pavel Procházka and Vladislav Skála
    Accepted: 12/02/2021