Mechanics & Industry - Forthcoming

  • Convergence analysis and mesh optimization of FEA related to helical springs
    G. Cadet and M. Paredes
    Accepted: 09/06/2024
  • Mechanical behavior of macroscopic interfaces for 3D printed multi-material samples made of dissimilar materials
    V. Ermolai, A. Sover, M. A. Boca, A. M. Mihalache, A. I. Irimia, A. Hrițuc, L. Slătineanu and G. Nagîț . C. Stavarache1
    Accepted: 31/05/2024
  • Numerical simulation of single bubble motion fragmentation mechanism in venturi-type bubble generator
    Junliang Chen, Mao Lei, Shaobo Lu, Xiaolong Xiao, Mingxiu Yao and Qiang Li
    Accepted: 14/05/2024