Mechanics & Industry - Forthcoming

  • Research on Bearing Capacity of Cross-Type Truss Boom with Variable Cross-section of Crawler Cranes
    Fenglin YAO, Jie ZHAO, Changkai XIE, Wenjun MENG, Youshan GAO, Shining LYU and Hao YANG
    Accepted: 16/11/2022
  • Elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication analysis of a porous misaligned crankshaft bearing operating with nanolubricants
    Reda Hamel, Mustapha Lahmar and Benyebka Bou-Saïd
    Accepted: 02/10/2022
  • A multi-model approach for wooden furniture failure under mechanical load
    L. Chevalier, F. Pled, L. Winkler, F. Wilquin and E. Launay
    Accepted: 18/09/2022