Mechanics & Industry - Forthcoming

  • Numerical study of natural and mixed convection in a square cavity filled by a Cu water nanofluid with circular heating and cooling cylinders
    Zoubair Boulahia, Abderrahim Wakif, Ali J. Chamkha and Rachid Sehaqui
    Accepted: 09/05/2017
  • Three-dimensional study of parallel shear flow with variable density around an obstacle
    M. Toumi, S. Hadj Salah, W. Hassen, S. Marzouk, H. Ben Aissia and J. Jay
    Accepted: 27/03/2017
  • Optimization of a combined cooling heating and power generation system considering detailed thermodynamic design of the components: exergetic-economic-environmental optimization and evaluation.
    Ali abdolkarimi, Mehdi Karabi, Mehdi Jamali-Ghahderijani and Hadi Karabi
    Accepted: 16/03/2017
  • ANN Model to Predict the Performance of Parabolic Dish Collector with Tubular Cavity Receiver
    R. Loni, A. B. Kasaeian, K. Shahverdi, E. Askari Asli-Ardeh, B. Ghobadian and M. H. Ahmadi
    Accepted: 16/03/2017
  • Numerical and Experimental Study of a jet collision with axial symmetry with a set of heat exchanger tubes
    Eskandar Jamalei, Reza Alayi, AliBakhsh Ksaeian, Fazel Kasaeian and Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi
    Accepted: 16/03/2017
  • Performance analysis of a two-stage evaporative cooler
    M. Jaafarian and M. Kazemian
    Accepted: 16/03/2017
  • Numerical and experimental study of bursting prediction in tube hydroforming of Al 7020-T6
    A. Afshar, R. Hashemi, R. Madoliat, D. Rahmatabadi and B. Hadiyan
    Accepted: 06/03/2017
  • Investigation of Piezoelectric Microcantilever performance in Constant Amplitude Mode in Different Work Environments
    A, Mohammadi, M. HabibNezhad Korayem and R. Ghaderi
    Accepted: 28/02/2017
  • Effects of magnetic field on natural convection heat transfer in a T shaped cavity
    A. Sahi, D. Sadaoui and N. Sadoun
    Accepted: 20/02/2017
  • A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approach for the modeling of a flux in a polymeric membrane using finite volume method
    Accepted: 10/02/2017
  • Damage Analysis and Integrity Assessment of a few Steam-Reformer Components at a Syn Gas Plant
    B. Gaur
    Accepted: 08/02/2017
  • Stiffness of Oval Leaf Spring Mounts under Unidirectional Line Loading
    Abdelkader Benyoucef, Moussa Leblouba and Ali Zerzour
    Accepted: 03/02/2017
  • Experimental investigations on churning losses of splash lubricated spiral bevel gears
    Accepted: 24/01/2017
  • Dynamic modelling and handling study of a two wheeled vehicle on a curved track
    A. Khadr, A. Houidi and L. Romdhane
    Accepted: 17/01/2017
  • An implicit algorithm for the dynamic study of nonlinear vibration of spur gear system with backlash
    Y. Hilali, B. Braikat, H. Lahmam and N. Damil
    Accepted: 17/01/2017
  • Heat transfer convection of a power law fluid flow within a parallel plate channel provided with two generating obstacles
    A. Boudiaf, F. Danane, Y.K. Benkahla, N. Labsi and A. Boutra
    Accepted: 04/01/2017
  • Multi-objective robust design optimization of the mechanism in a sewing machine
    B. Najlawi, M. Nejlaoui, Z. Affi and L. Romdhane
    Accepted: 04/01/2017
  • Fatigue resistance of randomly oriented short glass fiber reinforced polyester composite materials immersed in natural seawater environment
    D. Djeghader B. Redjel
    Accepted: 21/12/2016
  • Impact of brass contents on thermal, friction and wear properties of brake linings composites
    Amira Sellami, Mohamed Kchaou, Reçai Kus, Jamal Fajoui, Riadh Elleuch and Frédéric Jaquemin
    Accepted: 16/12/2016
  • An active control concept for the TALC space telescope
    Accepted: 13/12/2016
  • Multi-agent approach based on a design process for the optimization of mechatronic systems
    A. Guizani, M. Hammadi, J.Y. Choley, T. Soriano, M.S. Abbes and M. Haddar
    Accepted: 11/12/2016
  • Investigation of Nd: YAG pulsed laser dissimilar welding of AISI 4340 and AISI 316L stainless steels on weld geometry and mechanical properties
    AR. Sufizadeh and SAA. Akbari mousavi
    Accepted: 09/12/2016
  • Experimental and numerical study of a turbulent jet from lobed diffuser: Application to the residential comfort
    A. BENNIA, L. Loukarfi, A. Khelil, S. Mohamadi, M. Braikia and N. Hassane
    Accepted: 08/12/2016
  • Axisymmetric Convected Boundary Integral Method
    B. Barhoumi
    Accepted: 08/11/2016
  • Performance of two-lobe hole-entry hybrid journal bearing system under the combined influence of textured surface and couple stress lubricant
    C.B. Khatri and S.C. Sharma
    Accepted: 05/11/2016
  • Electromagnetohydrodynamic (EMHD) peristaltic flow of solid particles in a third-grade fluid with heat transfer
    M. M. Bhatti, A. Zeeshan and R. Ellahi
    Accepted: 29/10/2016
  • Strain Measurement and Determining Coefficient of Plastic Anisotropy Using Digital image correlation (DIC)
    N. Hedayati, R. Madoliat and R. Hashemi
    Accepted: 24/10/2016
  • Wind effect on full-scale design of heliostat with torque tube
    M. Mammar, S. Djouimaa, A. Hamidat, S. Bahria and M. El Ganaoui
    Accepted: 20/10/2016
  • Impact of aspect ratio on a nanofluid-saturated porous enclosure
    M. Selvan
    Accepted: 28/03/2016